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Beech / Beechcraft 1900 (Airliner)

Beech 1900D © Ryan Kaskel
Photo ©: Ryan Kaskel

1900 (Airliner)

Regional Airliner

The Beech 1900 is a pressurized twin-engine turboprop 19-passenger airplane produced by the American manufacturer Beech Aircraft Corporation, today Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. This aircraft is mainly used as a regional airliner and nowadays a freight aircraft or corporate aircraft.
Propulsion2 Turboprop Engines
Engine ModelPratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67D
Engine Power (each)954 kW1279 shp
max. Cruise Speed330 km/h178 kts
  205 mph
max. Speed (vne)459 km/h248 kts
  285 mph
Service Ceiling7.620 m25.000 ft
Rate of climb610 m/min2000 ft/min
Range2.778 km1.500 NM
1.726 mi.
Empty Weight4.803 kg10.590 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight7.766 kg17.120 lbs
max. Landing Weight7.605 kg16.765 lbs
Wing Span17,64 m57,9 ft
Wing Area28,8 m²310 ft²
Length17,62 m57,8 ft
Height4,72 m15,5 ft
First Flight09/1982
Production Statusout of production
Production Range1993-2002
Total Production695
Developed fromBeech Super King Air 200
ICAO CodeB190
Data for (Version)Beech 1900D
Variants1900C, 1900D
The Beech 1900 is based on the much smaller Beech King Air 200 with a lengthened fuselage. The improved Beech 1900D divers from the Beech 1900C in a substantially deeper fuselage with stand-up headroom. The passenger and freight doors and the cabin windows have been enlarged. The Beech 1900D is equipped with more powerful PT6A-67D (954 kW / 1279 shp) engines instead of the PT6A-65B (820kW / 1100shp) of the Beech 1900C.

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