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Bell Helicopter Bell 206 JetRanger

Bell 206B-3 © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt

Bell 206 JetRanger

Light Utility Helicopter

The Bell 206 JetRanger is a single-engine five-seat light utility helicopter produced by the US-American manufacturer Bell Helicopter Company, today Bell Helicopter Textron , since 1986 produced in Bells commercial helicopter plant in Mirabel, Quebec (Canada).
Propulsion1 Turboshaft Engine
Engine ModelAllison 250-C20B
Engine Power314 kW421 shp
Speed241 km/h130 kts
  150 mph
Service Ceiling6.096 m20.000 ft
Range693 km374 NM
430 mi.
Empty Weight730 kg1.609 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight1.451 kg3.200 lbs
Rotor Blades (main/tail)2/22/2
Main Rotor Diameter10,15 m33,3 ft
Tail Rotor Diameter1,58 m5,2 ft
Rotor Disc Area80,9 m871 ft
Length (Fuselage)9,89 m32,4 ft
Length11,96 m39,2 ft
Height2,91 m9,5 ft
First Flight10.01.1966
Production Statusin production
ICAO CodeB06
other TCDSTC Canada H-92
Data for (Version)Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III
VariantsBell 206A, 206A-1, 206B, 206B-2, 206B-3, Agusta-Bell 206A, 206A-1, 206B
The Bell 206 was also license-built in Italy by Agusta (Agusta-Bell 206).

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