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Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

Fieseler Fi 156 Storch - Morane-Saulnier MS 500 Criquet 74+WN © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt

Fi 156 Storch

STOL Liaison & Observation Aircraft

The Fieseler Fi 156 Storch is a single-engine two- or three-seat STOL observation and liaison aircraft produced by the German manufacturer Gerhard-Fieseler-Werke GmbH.
Propulsion1 Piston Engine
Engine ModelArgus As 10C-3
Engine Power177 kW237 hp
Speed176 km/h95 kts
  109 mph
Service Ceiling4.600 m15.092 ft
Range385 km208 NM
239 mi.
Empty Weight930 kg2.050 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight1.325 kg2.921 lbs
Wing Span14,25 m46,8 ft
Wing Area26,0 m²280 ft²
Length9,90 m32,5 ft
Height3,05 m10,0 ft
First Flight24.04.1936
Production Statusout of production
Total Production2867
ICAO CodeF156
Data for (Version)Fiseler Fi 156C-2 Storch
VariantsFi 156 A-0, Fi 156 A-1, Fi 156 C-0, Fi 156 C-1, Fi 156 C-2, Fi 156 C-3, Fi 156 C-3/Trop, Fi 156 C-5, Fi 156 C-5/Trop, Fi 156 D-1, Fi 156 E-0, Fi 156 F-0 / P, Fi 156 U, Fi 156 K-1,
The Fieseler storch is renowned for it's remarkable short field takeoff and landing characteristics and extremly low stalling speed of 50 km/h (31 mph / 27 kt). The Fi 156 is able to take off in less than 45 m (150 ft) and land in 18 m (60 ft).
The Fi 156 was produced during WWII also in France by Morane-Saulnier and in Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia) by Leichtbau Budweis and later Beneš-Mráz. Industria Aeronautica Româna of Romania built approx. 80 Fi 156C-3.
After the war, Morane-Saulnier continued production as the M.S.500 Criquet (more than 1000 aircraft) and Beneš-Mráz as the K-65 Cáp (approx. 137 aircraft).

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