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Ford 4-AT / 5-AT TriMotor

Ford 4-AT-E Trimotor, NC8407, c/n 4-AT-69 © Ralph M. Pettersen
Photo ©: Ralph M. Pettersen (Photos at airliners.net)

4-AT / 5-AT TriMotor


The Ford Trimotor is a three-engine airliner for up to 17 passengers produced by the US-American manufacturer Stout Metal Airplane Division of the Ford Motor Company. The Tri-Motor was also used as a military transport aircraft.
Propulsion3 Radial Engines
Engine ModelPratt & Whitney C-1 Wasp
Engine Power (each)313 kW420 hp
max. Cruise Speed196 km/h106 kts
  122 mph
max. Speed (vne)241 km/h130 kts
  150 mph
Service Ceiling5.639 m18.500 ft
Range885 km478 NM
550 mi.
Empty Weight3.556 kg7.840 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight6.123 kg13.499 lbs
Wing Span23,72 m77,8 ft
Wing Area77,6 m835 ft
Length15,32 m50,3 ft
Height3,86 m12,7 ft
First Flight11. Feb. 1926
Production Statusout of production
Total Production199
Developed fromStout 2-AT Pullman
Data for (Version)Ford 5-AT-D Tri Motor
VariantsFord 4-AT-A, 4-AT-B, 4-AT-D, 4-AT-E, 5-AT-A, 5-AT-B, 5-AT-C, 5-AT-D, 6-AT-A, C-3A (C-9A), C-4A, JR-2 (RR-2), JR-3 (RR-3)

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