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Piasecki H-21 / CH-21

Piasecki H-21C, German Army Aviation / Heer, 83+11, c/n WG11 © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt

H-21 / CH-21

Medium Transport Helicopter

The Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee is a single-engine tandem rotor medium transport helicopter produced by the US-American manufacturer Piasecki Helicopter Corp., later Vertol Aircraft Corporation. The H-21 was redesignated CH-21 in 1962.
Propulsion1 Radial Engine
Engine ModelWright R-1820-130 Cyclone
Engine Power1063 kW1426 hp
Speed211 km/h114 kts
  131 mph
Service Ceiling2.362 m7.750 ft
Range644 km348 NM
400 mi.
Empty Weight3.629 kg8.001 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight6.668 kg14.700 lbs
Rotor Blades (main/tail)3/33/3
Main Rotor Diameter13,41 m44,0 ft
Tail Rotor Diameter13,41 m44,0 ft
Rotor Disc Area141,2 m1520 ft
Length (Fuselage)16,00 m52,5 ft
Length26,31 m86,3 ft
Height4,70 m15,4 ft
First Flight11.04.1952
Production Statusout of production
Total Productionca. 600
Data for (Version)Piasecki H-21C Shawnee
VariantsH-21A Workhorse / CH-21A, H-21B Workhorse / CH-21B, SH-21B Workhorse / HH-21B, H-21C Shawnee / CH-21C, CH-127
The Piasecki H-21 is a development of the Piasecki HRP-2 Rescuer. 32 H-21C Shawnee were assembled by Weser Flug GmbH in Germany for the West German Army.

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