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LET L-410 Turbolet / L-420

Let L-410 UVP-E © Mick Bajcar
Photo ©: Mick Bajcar (Photos at airliners.net)

L-410 Turbolet / L-420

Utility Aircraft / Regional Airliner

The LET L-410 Turbolet is a twin-engined utility aircraft and regional airliner for up to 19 passengers produced by the Czechoslovak manufacturer LET Kunovice, today Aircraft Industries, a.s., Czech Republic.
Propulsion2 Turboprop Engines
Engine ModelWalter M-601B
Engine Power (each)575 kW771 shp
Speed365 km/h197 kts
  227 mph
Service Ceiling7.000 m22.966 ft
Range550 km297 NM
342 mi.
Empty Weight3.800 kg8.378 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight5.800 kg12.787 lbs
Wing Span19,48 m63,9 ft
Wing Area35,2 m379 ft
Length14,47 m47,5 ft
Height5,83 m19,1 ft
First Flight16.04.1969
Production Statusin production
Total Production1138
Data for (Version)Let L-410 UVP
VariantsL-410 M Turbolet, L-410 UVP Turbolet, L-410 UVP-E, L-410 UVP-E9, L-410 UVP-LW, L-410 UVP-E-LW, L-410 UVP-E20, L-410 UVP-E20 CARGO, L-420
The current production model is the L 410 UVP-E20 / L 420.

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