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Consolidated PBY Catalina

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt

PBY Catalina

Bomber / Maritime Patrol Aircraft

The Consolidated PBY Catalina is a twin-engined multi-role flying boat or amphibious aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Consolidated Aircraft Corporation.
Propulsion2 Radial Engines
Engine ModelPratt & Whitney R-1830-92 Twin Wasp
Engine Power (each)895 kW1200 hp
max. Cruise Speed200 km/h108 kts
  124 mph
max. Speed (vne)315 km/h170 kts
  196 mph
Service Ceiling4.816 m15.800 ft
Rate of climb305 m/min1000 ft/min
Range4.030 km2.176 NM
2.504 mi.
Empty Weight9.485 kg20.911 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight16.066 kg35.419 lbs
Wing Span31,70 m104,0 ft
Wing Area130,1 m1400 ft
Length19,46 m63,8 ft
Height6,15 m20,2 ft
First Flight28.03.1935
Production Statusout of production
Production Range1936-1945
Total Production>4000
FAA TCDS2-548, AR-22
Data for (Version)Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina
VariantsConsolidated PBY-1, PBY-2, PBY-3, PBY-4, PBY-5, PBY-5A, PBY-6A, OA-10, OA-10A, OA-10B, Catalina Mk I, Mk IA, Mk IB, Mk II, Mk IIA, Mk IIIA, Mk IVA, GR.Mk IVB, ASR.Mk IVB, GR.Mk VI,
The PBY Catalina was produced in several variants by Consolidated, Naval Aircraft Factory, Canadian Vickers, Boeing Canada and in Russia. The early produced variants were flying boats whereas the later variants were amphibious aircraft with retractable landing gear.

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