Technoavia SM92 Finist

STOL Utility Aircraft

Technoavia SM-92T Turbo-Finest HA-YDF 01-005 © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt
The Technoavia SM92 Finist is a single-engined STOL capable utility aircraft for up to 8 passengers produced by the Russian manufacturer SCF Technoavia.
The SM92 Finest is also available with a Walter M601 turboprop engine with 382 kW then marketed as the SM-92T Turbo-Finest and as the license built SMG-92 Turbo Finest which is built by Aerotech Slovakia.
Propulsion1 Radial Engine
Engine ModelWedenejew / Vedeneyev M-14P
Engine Power265 kW355 hp
Speed291 km/h157 kts
  181 mph
Service Ceiling3.000 m9.842 ft
Range1.300 km702 NM
808 mi.
Empty Weight1.430 kg3.153 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight2.350 kg5.181 lbs
Wing Span14,60 m47,9 ft
Wing Area20,4 m²220 ft²
Length9,30 m30,5 ft
Height3,00 m9,8 ft
First Flight28.12.1993
Production Statusin production

[Photo-ID: 5730] © Karsten Palt 2011-09-13
Technoavia SM-92T Turbo-Finest, , HA-YDF, c/n 01-005,© Karsten Palt, 2011Technoavia
SM-92T Turbo-Finest
Reg.: HA-YDF
c/n: 01-005
[Wilhelmshaven-Mariensiel (EDWI / WVN)]