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Globe / TEMCO GC-1 Swift

Globe Swift GC-1B N3327 c/n 1320 © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt

GC-1 Swift

Sport / Touring Aircraft

The Globe / TEMCO GC-1 Swift is a single engine two seat sport aircraft produced by the American manufacturer Globe Aircraft Company and TEMCO Aircraft.
Propulsion1 Piston Engine
Engine ModelContinental C-125-1 / -2
Engine Power93 kW125 hp
max. Cruise Speed226 km/h122 kts
  140 mph
max. Speed (vne)298 km/h161 kts
  185 mph
Service Ceiling5.486 m18.000 ft
Rate of climb213 m/min700 ft/min
Range1.852 km1.000 NM
1.151 mi.
Empty Weight621 kg1.370 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight896 kg1.975 lbs
max. Landing Weight896 kg1.975 lbs
Wing Span8,94 m29,3 ft
Wing Area12,3 m132 ft
Length6,35 m20,8 ft
Height1,88 m6,2 ft
First Flight1945
Production Statusout of production
Production Range1946-1951
Total Production1499
Data for (Version)Globe GC-1B Swift
VariantsGC-1A, GC-1B
The Swift was developed by R.S. Johnson. Production by Globe Aircraft Company and later by TEMCO Aircraft.

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