Antonow / Antonov An-148

Regional Airliner

Antonow / Antonov An-148 © Dmitriy Pichugin
Photo ©: Dmitriy Pichugin (Photos at
The Antonov An-148 is a twin-engined regional jet airliner with a capacity of maximum 80 passengers developed by the Ukraine manufacturer Antonov ASTC.
The An-148 is a development of the Antonov An-74TK-300.
Propulsion2 Turbofan Engines
Engine ModelIvchenko-Progress ZMKB D-436-148
Engine Power (each)62,8 kN14118 lbf
Speed870 km/h470 kts
  541 mph
Service Ceiling12.500 m41.010 ft
Range3.600 km1.944 NM
2.237 mi.
Empty Weight22.490 kg49.582 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight39.900 kg87.964 lbs
Wing Span28,91 m94 ft 10 in
Length29,13 m95 ft 7 in
Height8,02 m26 ft 4 in
First Flight17.12.2004
Production Statusin production
ICAO CodeA148
Data for (Version)Antonov / Antonow An-148-100B