December 17/2016 - 269 photos from Vintage Aircraft Meeting Hahnweide 2016

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November 06/2016 - several photos from aircraft museums in California and Arizona uploaded

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September 17/2016 - Several photos from the Indian Air Force Museum and Imperial War Museum Duxford added to photo gallery

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BAe AVRO RJ70 Transwede Airways SE-DJP E1254  Brussel/Bruxelles - Brussels Airport (EBBR / BRU) 2008-09-28, Photo by: Karsten Palt

The essential part of this website is the Aircraft-Encyclopedia with as for now 1258 different aircraft models. You can find the most important information of most civil and military airplanes and helicopters. There are technical specifications available for the early planes like the Wright Flyer or the later Avro aircraft used during the First World War or their competitors built from Fokker. There are also facts and figures available for the early jet airliner or the black birds like the SR-71, the U-2 or the F-117. The span of aircraft types goes to the modern airliner like the Boeing 787 or the large Airbus A380. You can download at least one photo for every aircraft.

An overview of 581 aviation related museums around the world can also be found on

A photo gallery with today 9430 photos taken at airports, airshow events or aviation museum is also available. provides several lists with ICAO Aircraft Codes, IATA Aircraft Codes, IATA & ICAO Airport Codes and a lot of Airline Codes.

There is also a lot of other stuff about aviation. You can find the country tail codes for aircraft and an aviation glossary with commonly used abbreviations. The other content are the type designations used by the US Air Force for basically civil aircraft models, the names of Chinese license productions with the original models and the NATO-Codes for aircraft used by the former countries of the Warsaw Pact. A link directory completes this site.

Update December 17/2016

Bleriot XI at OTT Hahnweide 2016 The last website update for 2016 add approx. 270 photos from the Oldtimer-Fliegertreffen (vintage aircraft meeting) Hahnweide 2016. After a cancelled meeting 2015, this years meeting with more than 300 vintage aircraft was a big success. The event took place at perfect summer weather.

The authors plans for 2017 are to have more aircraft added to the encyclopedia. But also to have new photos from airshows, museums and airports added. Maybe some more photographer will join the team.

Update November 06/2016

In October, I was once again in the USA, more precisely in California and Arizona to visit some aircraft museums. The first museum of this tour was the Oakland Aviation Museum. The museum is not very large, but offers with one of the last two surviving Short S.45 Solent, a very special highlight.

The second museum is just a few miles away from the first in Alameda, in the former Naval Air Station Alameda. The USS Hornet Museum is located on USS Hornet (CV-12), an Essex Class aircraft carrier. The exhibition is very worth seeing, although there are not many aircraft to see. But the flair that such a carrier offers is something special.

For the third museum, I had to travel a bit further. The Castle Air Museum in Atwater offers a comprehensive collection of over 50, mostly American, aircraft from the second world war on. Highlights include a Douglas B-23 Dragon, a Convair RB-36H Peacemaker and a North American B-45 Tornado.

The last museum of this tour is located in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon South Rim. The Valle facility of the Planes of Fame Air Museum offers a nice exhibition, among other things, with airplanes used for sightseeing flights across the Grand Canyon.

Update September 17/2016

Arjun Sarup joint the photographer team recently. His first batch of great photos that he contributed are from the Indian Air Force Museum in Palam, New Delhi.

During the visit of the Flying Legends Air Show I took also photos at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford.

Update September 04/2016

Supermarine Seafire (Retro) at Flying Legends 2016 Duxford Some of the photos that I took at the Flying Legends airshow 2016 in Duxford have been added to the gallery. This annual airshow is always a highlight for Warbird fans. Where else in the world can you see and hear 7 Spitfires simultaneously in the air?

Update August 22/2016

Airbus Military A400M EC-406 c/n 006 at RIAT 2016 RAF Fairford Today update brings more than 180 photos from the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2016, the world's largest military airshow. The international airshow offered a lot of highlights. The flying display featured amongst others the Eurofighter Typhoon, Saab Gripen, F-16 and as special highlights A400M, CV-22 Osprey, F-22 Raptor and F-35A as well as the VTOL fighter F-35B. Several other hightlights were shown in the static display. The RIAT is held annually in July at RAF Fairford in England.

Update May 15/2016

The first Boeing 727, 727-22 N7001U 18293 8/ 1 United Airlines Museum of Flight Seattle A lot new photos from three American aviation museums. 74 photos taken at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, WI. 42 photos from Paul Allen's Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, WA and last but not least 97 photos from the great Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA.

Update April 04/2016

Several improvements for the aircraft encyclopedia implemented especially regarding engine data. Feet and Inches will now be shown correct and not as decimal numbers. A lot of data updated. ICAO and IATA aircraft codes are now linked to the relevant aircraft data.

Update March 03/2016

Several photos from two Italian aviation museums were added today the the gallery. My first visit took me to the Museo dell'Aeronautica Gianni Caproni in Trento in Northern Italy. The small collection shows some very special and rare planes. The much larger Italian Air Force Museum in Vigna di Valle close to Rome offers also very rare Italian aircraft. Both museums are worth visiting.

Update January 10/2016

The first update of 2016 adds the stretched Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 the the aircraft encyclopedia.