Table US Air Force Aircraft Type Designation

Overview of type designations used by the US Air Force

Designation USAFcivil Model
C-4Gulfstream I
C-9Douglas DC-9
C-12Beech Super King Air 200
C-18Boeing 707-320C
C-20A / BGulfstream III
C-20HGulfstream IV
C-21ALearjet 35A
C-22BBoeing 727
C-23AShort 330
C-26AFairchild Metro III
C-27AAlenia G222
C-29ABAe 125-800
C-31AFokker F27
C-37AGulfstream V
C-38A1125A Astra SPX
C-41ACASA C.212-200
C-43Canadair CL-601
C-47Douglas DC-3
C-54Douglas DC-4
C-135Boeing 707
C-137BBoeing 707-120
C-137CBoeing 707-320
E-3B/CBoeing 707-320B
E-4BBoeing 747
E-8CBoeing 707-300
E-9ADHC-8 Dash-8M Serie 100
EC-18Boeing 707
KC-10DC-10 Serie 30CF
KC-135Boeing 707
T-1ABeechjet 400A
T-3ASlingsby T67M260 Firefly
T-43ABoeing 737-200
UV-18BDHC-6 Twin Otter
("Air Force One")
Boeing 747-200B