Beech / Beechcraft 55 / 56 / 58 Baron

Utility Aircraft

Beech 28 Baron KLM Luchtvaartschool PH-BYA © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt
The Beechcraft 55 / 56 / 58 Baron is a twin-engined four-to-six-seat light touring aircraft with retractable landing gear produced by the US-American manufacturer Beech Aircraft Corporation, later Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, today Beechcraft a brand of Textron Aviation.
The Beech Baron is a development of the Beech 95 Travel Air which itself is a development of the single-engine Beech Bonanza. Beech Baron Models 55 & 56 have total length of 8,53m (27ft 11in). The current production model is the Beechcraft Baron G58.
Passengersmax. 5
Propulsion2 Piston Engines
Engine ModelContinental TSIO-520-WB
Engine Power (each)242 kW325 hp
Speed483 km/h261 kts
  300 mph
Service Ceiling7.620 m25.000 ft
Range2.276 km1.229 NM
1.414 mi.
Empty Weight1.822 kg4.017 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight2.812 kg6.200 lbs
Wing Span11,53 m37 ft 10 in
Wing Area18,5 m²199 ft²
Length9,09 m29 ft 10 in
Height2,79 m9 ft 2 in
First Flight29.02.1960
Production Statusin production
Developed fromBeech 95 Travel Air
ICAO CodeBE55 BE58
Data for (Version)Beech 58P Baron

[Photo-ID: 905] © Karsten Palt 2008-06-20
Beech 58 Baron, KLM Luchtvaartschool, PH-BYA, c/n TH-1609,© Karsten Palt, 2008Beech
58 Baron
KLM Luchtvaartschool
Reg.: PH-BYA
c/n: TH-1609
Open Dagen Koninklijke Luchtmacht 2008 [Leeuwarden (EHLW / LHW)]
[Photo-ID: 10608] © Karsten Palt 2014-10-23
Beech B55 (95-B55) Baron, Spanish Air Force, E.20-1, c/n TC-1451,© Karsten Palt, 2014Beech
B55 (95-B55) Baron
Spanish Air Force
Reg.: E.20-1
c/n: TC-1451
Museo del Aire [Madrid]
[Photo-ID: 1782] © Karsten Palt 2009-04-03
Beech B58 Baron, , F-GHIU, c/n TH-986,© Karsten Palt, 2009Beech
B58 Baron
Reg.: F-GHIU
c/n: TH-986
[Friedrichshafen (EDNY / FDH)]
[Photo-ID: 3019] © Hartmut Ehlers 2010-01-14
Beech D55 Baron, , PT-CJW, c/n TE-759,© Hartmut Ehlers, 2010Beech
D55 Baron
Reg.: PT-CJW
c/n: TE-759
One of many captured drug-running a/c detained by the FAP.
[Nu Guazu (Campo Grande), Asunción]
[Photo-ID: 1810] © Karsten Palt 2009-04-03
Beech G58 Baron, Hawker Beechcraft, N254AV, c/n TH-2254,© Karsten Palt, 2009Beech
G58 Baron
Hawker Beechcraft
Reg.: N254AV
c/n: TH-2254
AERO Friedrichshafen 2009 [Friedrichshafen (EDNY / FDH)]