CAC, Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Boomerang (CA-12, CA-13, CA-14, CA-19)


Commonwealth CA-13 Boomerang © Brenden Scott
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The CAC Boomerang is a single-engine single-seat World War II fighter aircraft produced by the Australian manufacturer Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation.
The CAC Boomerang was the first combat aircraft developed and produced in Australia.
Propulsion1 Radial Engine
Engine ModelPratt & Whitney R-1830-S3C4-G Twin Wasp
Engine Power895 kW1200 hp
Speed491 km/h265 kts
  305 mph
Service Ceiling10.363 m34.000 ft
Range2.574 km1.390 NM
1.600 mi.
Empty Weight2.437 kg5.373 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight3.742 kg8.250 lbs
Wing Span10,97 m35 ft 12 in
Wing Area20,9 m225 ft
Length7,77 m25 ft 6 in
Height2,92 m9 ft 7 in
First Flight29.05.1942
Production Statusout of production
Total Production250
Data for (Version)CAC CA-13 Boomerang Mk II
VariantsCA-12, CA-13, CA-14, CA-19