Breguet Br. 763 Provence (761/763/765)


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The Breguet Br. 763 Provence is a four-engine medium-range airliner and transport aircraft with two passenger decks produced by the French manufacturer Breguet (Société Anonyme des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Breguet).
The Breguet Br. 763, often called Deux-Ponts (Double-Decker), was initially designed as the Breguet Br. 761S (4 pre-production aircraft built). The Br. 763 is an improvement with more powerful engines, larger wingspan and a flightdeck crew of three instead of four. The Br. 763 in french military service were designated Breguet Br. 765 Sahara. The Br. 763 in cargo transport configuration was designated Br. 763 Universal.
Propulsion4 Radial Engines
Engine ModelPratt & Whitney R-2800-CA18 Double Wasp
Engine Power (each)1566 kW2100 hp
Speed391 km/h211 kts
  243 mph
Service Ceiling7.300 m23.950 ft
Range2.165 km1.169 NM
1.345 mi.
Empty Weight32.535 kg71.727 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight51.600 kg113.758 lbs
Wing Span43,00 m141 ft 1 in
Wing Area185,4 m²1996 ft²
Length28,94 m94 ft 11 in
Height9,55 m31 ft 4 in
First Flight15.02.1949
Production Statusout of production
Total Production21
Data for (Version)Breguet Br. 763
VariantsBr.761S, Br.763, Br.765