Curtiss Model D (Curtiss Pusher)

Utility Biplane

Curtiss Model D Pusher, Replica, NMUSAF © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt
The Curtiss Model D is a single-engine two-seat utility biplane aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Curtiss Aeroplane Company. It is frequently named only the Curtiss Pusher because of the pusher configuration, where the propeller is behind the pilot.
The early models of the Model D were built in a canard configuration with additional elevators in front of the aircraft. The later models incorporated the elevators to the tailplane with the canard construction removed. They were called the ?Headless Pusher?. The Curtiss Pusher was the world?s first aircraft to takeoff from and to make the first landing aboard a ship.
Propulsion1 Piston Engine
Engine ModelCurtiss E-4
Engine Power30 kW40 hp
Speed81 km/h44 kts
  51 mph
Empty Weight318 kg701 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight630 kg1.389 lbs
Wing Span11,60 m38 ft 1 in
Length7,80 m25 ft 7 in
Height2,70 m8 ft 10 in
First Flight1909
Production Statusout of production
Data for (Version)Curtiss D-III Headless Pusher

[Photo-ID: 5383] Karsten Palt 2012-01-11
Curtiss Model D Pusher, , , c/n , Karsten Palt, 2012Curtiss
Model D Pusher
National Museum of the United States Air Force [Dayton, Ohio / USA (Wright-Patterson AFB)]
[Photo-ID: 4418] Karsten Palt 2011-10-08
Curtiss Model D Pusher, , , c/n , Karsten Palt, 2011Curtiss
Model D Pusher
Luftfahrt- und Technik-Museumspark [Merseburg]
[Photo-ID: 10135] Karsten Palt 2014-05-28
Curtiss Model D-III Headless Pusher, , , c/n , Karsten Palt, 2014Curtiss
Model D-III Headless Pusher
National Air and Space Museum [Washington, DC]