Fairey Fairey III

Reconnaissance Biplane

Fairey IIID Mk.2, F.402, c/n N.17 © Emilio Lafuente
Photo ©: Emilio Lafuente (photos at airliners.net)
The Fairey III is a single-engine two- or three-seat naval reconaissance biplane and bomber aircraft produced by the British manufacturer Fairey Aviation Company Limited.
The Fairey III was produced as a seaplane with float and with wheel landing gear.
Propulsion1 Piston Engine
Engine ModelNapier Lion XIA
Engine Power425 kW570 hp
Speed209 km/h113 kts
  130 mph
Service Ceiling6.096 m20.000 ft
Range741 km400 NM
460 mi.
Empty Weight1.779 kg3.922 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight2.858 kg6.301 lbs
Wing Span13,94 m45 ft 9 in
Wing Area41,2 m443 ft
Length10,82 m35 ft 6 in
Height4,26 m13 ft 12 in
First Flight14.09.1917
Production Statusout of production
Total Production964
Developed fromFairey N.10
Data for (Version)Fairey IIIF Mk IIIB
VariantsFairey IIIA, Fairey IIIB, Fairey IIIC, Fairey IIID, Fairey IIIE, Fairey IIIF