Iljuschin / Ilyushin Il-4 / DB-3


Iljuschin / Ilyushin Il-4 © Andrei Nesvetaev
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The Ilyushin Il-4 / DB-3 is a twin-engined medium bomber aircraft developed by the Soviet design bureau Ilyushin OKB. The designation DB-3 (DB-3F) changed to Il-4 in 1942. The Il-4T is a torpdo bomber variant.
The total production includes DB-3 = 1528, Il-4 = 5256
Propulsion2 Radial Engines
Engine ModelTumansky M-88B
Engine Power (each)820 kW1100 hp
Speed430 km/h232 kts
  267 mph
Service Ceiling9.700 m31.824 ft
Range3.800 km2.052 NM
2.361 mi.
Empty Weight5.800 kg12.787 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight11.300 kg24.912 lbs
Wing Span21,44 m70 ft 4 in
Wing Area66,7 m718 ft
Length14,76 m48 ft 5 in
Height4,10 m13 ft 5 in
First Flight1935
Production Statusout of production
Production Range1936-1944
Total Production6784
NATO CodeBob
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