Kamow / Kamov Ka-25

Naval Utility Helicopter

Kamow / Kamov Ka-25 Hormone © Pedja Stamenkovic
Photo ©: Pedja Stamenkovic (photos at airliners.net)
The Kamov Ka-25 is a twin-engined naval ship-based medium utility helicopter with coaxial rotors developed by the Soviet Design Bureau OKB Kamov (OKB-2), today Kamov JSC, Russia. The main roles of the Ka-25 were anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare, search- and rescue and troop transport (max. 12 soldiers).
Propulsion2 Turboshaft Engines
Engine ModelGlushenkov GTD-3F
Engine Power (each)660 kW885 shp
Speed220 km/h119 kts
  137 mph
Service Ceiling3.353 m11.000 ft
Range400 km216 NM
249 mi.
Empty Weight4.765 kg10.505 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight12.000 kg26.455 lbs
Rotor Blades (main/tail)3/3
Main Rotor Diameter15,74 m51 ft 8 in
Rotor Disc Area194,6 m2095 ft
Length (Fuselage)9,75 m31 ft 12 in
Length11,00 m36 ft 1 in
Height5,37 m17 ft 7 in
First Flight1961
Production Statusout of production
Total Productionca. 140
NATO CodeHormone
Data for (Version)Kamov / Kamow Ka-25
VariantsKa-25BSh, Ka-25T, Ka-25PS