Koolhoven F.K.41

Touring Aircraft

Desoutter Mk1 © Simon Thomas
Photo ©: Simon Thomas (Photos at airliners.net)
The Koolhoven F.K.41 is a single-engine three-seat touring aircraft produced by the Dutch manufacturer N.V. Koolhoven Aeroplanes and under license by the British manufacturer Desoutter Aircraft Company as the Desoutter Mk.1 and Desoutter Mk.1.
Total production includes 6 original Koolhoven F.K.41, 28 Desoutter Mk.I and 13 Desoutter Mk.II.
Propulsion1 Piston Engine
Engine Modelde Havilland Gipsy III
Engine Power90 kW121 hp
max. Cruise Speed161 km/h87 kts
  100 mph
Speed202 km/h109 kts
  125 mph
Service Ceiling5.200 m17.060 ft
Range800 km432 NM
497 mi.
Empty Weight536 kg1.182 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight836 kg1.843 lbs
Wing Span10,90 m35 ft 9 in
Wing Area17,7 m191 ft
Length7,90 m25 ft 11 in
Height2,15 m7 ft 1 in
First Flight1928
Production Statusout of production
Total Production47
Data for (Version)Desoutter Mk.II
VariantsKoolhoven F.K.41, Desoutter I, Desoutter II

[Photo-ID: 7188] Karsten Palt 2013-05-19
Desoutter Mk.1, , G-AAPZ, c/n D.25, Karsten Palt, 2013Desoutter
Reg.: G-AAPZ
c/n: D.25
The Shuttleworth Collection [Old Warden Aerodrome Biggleswade]