Monocoupe 90 / 110 / 125

Sport Aircraft

Monocoupe 110 Special N36Y 7W-96 © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt
The Monocoupe 90 / 110 / 125 is a series of single-engine two-seat light sporting and racing aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Mono Aircraft Company, later Monocoupe Corporation.
Propulsion1 Radial Engine
Engine ModelWarner Scarab 28
Engine Power82 kW110 hp
Speed215 km/h116 kts
  133 mph
Service Ceiling4.877 m16.000 ft
Range724 km391 NM
450 mi.
Empty Weight450 kg992 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight731 kg1.612 lbs
Wing Span9,75 m31 ft 12 in
Wing Area12,3 m132 ft
Length6,20 m20 ft 4 in
Height2,11 m6 ft 11 in
First Flight01.04.1927 (Monocoupe 90)
Production Statusout of production
Total Production>1000
ICAO CodeM110
Data for (Version)Monocoupe 110
VariantsMonocoupe 70-V, 90, 90A, 90-AF, 90-AL, 90-J, 125

[Photo-ID: 13182] Karsten Palt 2016-10-09
Monocoupe 110, , NC18629, c/n 6W-00, Karsten Palt, 2016Monocoupe
Reg.: NC18629
c/n: 6W-00
Oakland Aviation Museum [Oakland, CA]
[Photo-ID: 10321] Karsten Palt 2014-05-28
Monocoupe 110 Special, , N36Y, c/n 7W-96, Karsten Palt, 2014Monocoupe
110 Special
Reg.: N36Y
c/n: 7W-96
Little Butch
NASM Udvar Hazy Center [Chantilly, VA]