North American / Ryan NA145 Navion (L-17)

Trainer / Touring / Liaison Aircraft

North American Navion B © Vladimir Kostritsa
Photo ©: Vladimir Kostritsa (Photos at
The North American NA145 (L-17) Navion is a single-engine four-seat trainer and touring aircraft and military observation and liaison aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer North American Aviation, later by Ryan Aeronautical Company and Tubular Steel Corporation (TUSCO). The L-17 Navion in US Air Force service was redesignated U-18 in 1962.
Propulsion1 Piston Engine
Engine ModelContinental E185
Engine Power153 kW205 hp
Speed263 km/h142 kts
  163 mph
Service Ceiling4.572 m15.000 ft
Range1.128 km609 NM
701 mi.
Empty Weight830 kg1.830 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight1.202 kg2.650 lbs
Wing Span10,97 m35 ft 12 in
Wing Area17,1 m184 ft
Length7,87 m25 ft 10 in
Height2,79 m9 ft 2 in
First Flight04/1946
Production Statusout of production
Total Production>1200
Data for (Version)North American L-17 Navion
VariantsNorth American Navion A, North American L-17A, Ryan Navion A, Ryan Navion B, Ryan L-17B, Ryan L-17C, TUSCO Navion D, TUSCO Navion E, TUSCO Navion F, TUSCO Navion Rangemaster