Saab Saab-105

Jet Trainer / Ground-Attack Aircraft

Saab-105 © Mike Vallentin
Photo ©: Mike Vallentin
The Saab 105 is a twin-engined two-seat trainer and light ground-attack aircraft produced by the Swedish manufacturer Saab AB. The Saab 105 is also used as a reconaissance aircraft and as a four-seat liaison aircraft. Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet) designation is SK 60.
The Saab 105 is only operated by the Swedish Air Force and the Austrian Armed Forces (Saab 105). The two-seat versions can also be used as a four-seat liaison aircraft by replacement of the two ejection seats. The Saab 105 (SK 60) was originally powered by two Turbomeca Aubisque low-bypass turbofan engines, license-built by Svenska Flygmotor as RM9. Most Swedisch SK 60 were later (starting in 1995) modified by replacement of the engines with Williams FJ 44-1C (Volvo Aero RM15) turbofan engines.
Propulsion2 Turbojet Engines
Engine ModelGeneral Electric J85-17B
Engine Power (each)12,7 kN2850 lbf
Speed970 km/h524 kts
  603 mph
Service Ceiling13.100 m42.979 ft
Range2.000 km1.080 NM
1.243 mi.
Empty Weight2.565 kg5.655 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight6.500 kg14.330 lbs
Wing Span9,50 m31 ft 2 in
Wing Area16,3 m175 ft
Length10,80 m35 ft 5 in
Height2,70 m8 ft 10 in
First Flight29.06.1963
Production Statusout of production
Total Production190
Data for (Version)Saab 105Oe
VariantsSK 60A, SK 60B, SK 60C, SK 60E, Saab 105