Technoavia (Interavia) SP-91 / I-3 / E-3

Sport / Aerobatic Aircraft

Interavia SP-91 I-3, Reg. RA-1641K, c/n 0204 © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt
The Technoavia SP-91 is a single-engine two-seat aerobatic aircraft produced by the Russian manufacturer SCF Technoavia. The SP-91 is marketed outside Russia as the Interavia I-3 or E-3. The SP-91 can easily be converted to a single-seat aircraft.
Propulsion1 Radial Engine
Engine ModelVedeneyev M-14P
Engine Power268 kW359 hp
max. Cruise Speed350 km/h189 kts
  217 mph
max. Speed (vne)400 km/h216 kts
  249 mph
Speed450 km/h243 kts
  280 mph
Range400 km216 NM
249 mi.
Empty Weight710 kg1.565 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight1.050 kg2.315 lbs
Wing Span8,10 m26 ft 7 in
Wing Area11,5 m124 ft
Length6,72 m22 ft 1 in
Height2,20 m7 ft 3 in
First Flight1993
Production Statusin production
Data for (Version)Technoavia SP-91
VariantsInteravia I-3 / E-3

[Photo-ID: 922] Karsten Palt 2008-06-20
Interavia SP-91 I-3, , RA-1641K, c/n 204, Karsten Palt, 2008Interavia
SP-91 I-3
Reg.: RA-1641K
c/n: 204
Open Dagen Koninklijke Luchtmacht 2008 [Leeuwarden (EHLW / LHW)]