Shin Meiwa PS-1 / US-1 (SS-2)

Maritime Patrol / SAR Flying Boat

Shin Maywa US-1A © Joris Termorshuizen
Photo ©: Joris Termorshuizen (Photos at
The Shin Meiwa PS-1 / US-1 is a four-engine maritime-patrol aircraft and search- and rescue (SAR) flying boat produced by the Japanese manufacturer Shin Meiwa Industry Company Limited, today ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd., operated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.
The company's designation is SS-2 (PS-1) and SS-2A (US-1). While the PS-1 flying boat was designed for the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) role, the US-1 amphibious aircraft was developed as a search- and rescue aircraft.
Propulsion4 Turboprop Engines
Engine ModelIshikawajima Harima / General Electric T64-IHI-10J
Engine Power (each)2602 kW3489 shp
Speed511 km/h276 kts
  318 mph
Service Ceiling7.195 m23.606 ft
Range3.817 km2.061 NM
2.372 mi.
Empty Weight25.500 kg56.218 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight45.000 kg99.208 lbs
Wing Span33,15 m108 ft 9 in
Wing Area136,0 m1464 ft
Length33,46 m109 ft 9 in
Height9,95 m32 ft 8 in
First Flight05.10.1967
Production Statusout of production
Total Productionca. 40
Data for (Version)Shin Meiwa / ShinMaywa US-1A
VariantsSS-2 (PS-1), SS-2A (US-1), US-1A, US-1A kai / US-2