Valmet / Aermacchi L-90TP Redigo / M-290 TP RediGO


Valmet L-90TP Redigo, Finnish Air Force, RG-1, c/n 004 © Jussi Seppälä
Photo ©: Jussi Seppälä (
The Valmet L-90TP Redigo is a single-engine four-seat trainer aircraft produced by the Finnish manufacturer Valmet. Aermacchi of Italy purchased the production rights in 1996. The new designation was then Aermacchi M-290 TP RediGO. The L-90TP / M-290TP is in military service of Finland, Eritrea and Mexico.
The Valmet L-90 TP is a turboprop powered development of the Valmet L-70 Vinka.
Propulsion1 Turboprop Engine
Engine ModelAllison 250-B17F
Engine Power313 kW420 shp
Speed415 km/h224 kts
  258 mph
Service Ceiling7.620 m25.000 ft
Range1.400 km756 NM
870 mi.
Empty Weight950 kg2.094 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight1.900 kg4.189 lbs
Wing Span10,60 m34 ft 9 in
Wing Area14,8 m²159 ft²
Length8,53 m27 ft 12 in
Height3,20 m10 ft 6 in
First Flight01.07.1986
Production Statusout of production
Developed fromValmet L-70 Vinka
ICAO CodeL90
Data for (Version)Valmet L-90TP Redigo