Vickers F.B.5

Fighter Biplane

Vickers FB.5 2345 Replica © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt
The Vickers F.B.5 is a single-engine two-seat fighter biplane aircraft produced by the British manufacturer Vickers Limited. The F.B.5 was nicknamed the Gunbus. It was in service with the British Royal Flying Corps only.
The Vickers F.B.5 was the world?s first purpose-built fighter biplane aircraft.
Crew1 / 2
Propulsion1 Rotary Engine
Engine ModelGnome Monosoupape
Engine Power75 kW100 hp
Speed113 km/h61 kts
  70 mph
Service Ceiling2.743 m9.000 ft
Range463 km250 NM
288 mi.
Empty Weight553 kg1.219 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight930 kg2.050 lbs
Wing Span11,10 m36 ft 5 in
Wing Area35,5 m382 ft
Length8,30 m27 ft 3 in
Height3,40 m11 ft 2 in
First Flight05.02.1915
Production Statusout of production
Total Production230
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[Photo-ID: 1167] Karsten Palt 2008-07-16
Vickers FB.5, , 2345, c/n , Karsten Palt, 2008Vickers
Reg.: 2345
Royal Air Force Museum [London-Hendon]