Cessna 350 Corvalis

Touring Aircraft

Cessna 350 Corvalis (LC42-550FG), N1097L, c/n 421006 © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt
The Cessna 350 Corvalis is a single engine four-seat light touring aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company.
The Cessna 350 Corvalis is a development of the Columbia 300 and was originally produced by Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation as the Columbia 350. The aircraft's certified name is LC42-550FG (Lancair Certified, Model 42, Continental 550 engine, Fixed Gear).
Propulsion1 Piston Engine
Engine ModelContinental IO-550-N
Engine Power231 kW310 hp
max. Cruise Speed354 km/h191 kts
  220 mph
max. Speed (vne)435 km/h235 kts
  270 mph
Service Ceiling5.486 m18.000 ft
Rate of climb373 m/min1225 ft/min
Range2.584 km1.395 NM
1.605 mi.
Empty Weight1.111 kg2.450 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight1.542 kg3.400 lbs
max. Landing Weight1.465 kg3.230 lbs
Wing Span10,91 m35 ft 10 in
Wing Area13,1 m141 ft
Length7,67 m25 ft 2 in
Height2,74 m8 ft 12 in
First Flight2002
Production Statusout of production
Developed fromColumbia 300 (LC40-550FG)
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[Photo-ID: 1802] Karsten Palt 2009-04-03
Cessna 350 Corvalis (LC42-550FG), Aircraft Guaranty, N1097L, c/n 421006, Karsten Palt, 2009Cessna
350 Corvalis (LC42-550FG)
Aircraft Guaranty
Reg.: N1097L
c/n: 421006
AERO Friedrichshafen 2009 [Friedrichshafen (EDNY / FDH)]