Dassault Falcon 20 & 200

Corporate Jet

Dassault Falcon 20F Syrianair (Air Force) YK-ASB © Karsten Palt
Photo ©: Karsten Palt
The Dassault Falcon 20 / 200 is a twin-engined corporate jet aircraft produced by the French manufacturer Avions Marcel Dassault - Breguet Aviation (today Dassault Aviation). The Falcon 20 was originally designated Mystére 20.
The Falcon 200 is an improved variation of the Falcon 20 with new engines and an increased range.
Propulsion2 Turbofan Engines
Engine ModelGeneral Electric CF700-2D-2
Engine Power (each)20,0 kN4500 lbf
Speed863 km/h466 kts
  536 mph
Service Ceiling12.802 m42.000 ft
Range3.300 km1.782 NM
2.051 mi.
Empty Weight7.530 kg16.601 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight13.000 kg28.660 lbs
Wing Span16,30 m53 ft 6 in
Wing Area41,0 m²441 ft²
Length17,15 m56 ft 3 in
Height5,32 m17 ft 5 in
First Flight04.05.1963
Production Statusout of production
Total Production514
Data for (Version)Dassault Falcon 20F

[Photo-ID: 10260] © Karsten Palt 2014-05-28
Dassault Falcon 20DC, Federal Express, N8FE, c/n 199,© Karsten Palt, 2014Dassault
Falcon 20DC
Federal Express
Reg.: N8FE
c/n: 199
Wendy, the first FedEx aircraft
NASM Udvar Hazy Center [Chantilly, VA]
[Photo-ID: 1375] © Karsten Palt 2008-09-04
Dassault Falcon 20E, Belgian Air Force, CM-01, c/n 276,© Karsten Palt, 2008Dassault
Falcon 20E
Belgian Air Force
Reg.: CM-01
c/n: 276
[Wilhelmshaven-Mariensiel (EDWI / WVN)]
[Photo-ID: 3406] © Karsten Palt 2010-06-11
Dassault Falcon 20E, DLR, D-CMET, c/n 329/523,© Karsten Palt, 2010Dassault
Falcon 20E
Reg.: D-CMET
c/n: 329/523
Volcano Ash Hunter
ILA Berlin 2010 [Berlin - Schönefeld (EDDB / SXF)]
[Photo-ID: 12803] © Karsten Palt 2016-07-09
Dassault Falcon 20ECM, Royal Norwegian Air Force, 053, c/n 53,© Karsten Palt, 2016Dassault
Falcon 20ECM
Royal Norwegian Air Force
Reg.: 053
c/n: 53
Royal International Air Tattoo 2016 [RAF Fairford (EGVA / FFD)]
[Photo-ID: 3768] © Karsten Palt 2009-07-22
Dassault Falcon 20F, Private, M-ABCD, c/n 357,© Karsten Palt, 2009Dassault
Falcon 20F
Reg.: M-ABCD
c/n: 357
[Wilhelmshaven-Mariensiel (EDWI / WVN)]
[Photo-ID: 11915] © Karsten Palt 2001-07-02
Dassault Falcon 20F, Syrian Air / Syrian AF, YK-ASB, c/n 331,© Karsten Palt, 2001Dassault
Falcon 20F
Syrian Air / Syrian AF
Reg.: YK-ASB
c/n: 331
[Berlin-Tegel (EDDT / TXL)]
[Photo-ID: 10975] © Karsten Palt 2015-06-03
Dassault HU-25A Guardian, United States Coast Guard, 2132, c/n 454,© Karsten Palt, 2015Dassault
HU-25A Guardian
United States Coast Guard
Reg.: 2132
c/n: 454
AMARG inventory number 41001
Pima Air and Space Museum [Tucson, AZ]