Iljuschin / Ilyushin Il-12

Airliner / Transport Aircraft

Iljuschin / Ilyushin Il-12 © Francisco José Jurado Ariza
Photo ©: Francisco José Jurado Ariza (Photos at
The Ilyushin Il-12 is a twin-engined short-range airliner for max. 32 passengers and transport aircraft developed by the Soviet design bureau Ilyushin OKB.
The Il-12 is based on the Lisunov Li-2, a modified copy of the Douglas DC-3.
Propulsion2 Radial Engines
Engine ModelShvetsov ASh-82FN
Engine Power (each)1360 kW1824 hp
Speed376 km/h203 kts
  234 mph
Service Ceiling6.700 m21.982 ft
Range2.000 km1.080 NM
1.243 mi.
Empty Weight9.000 kg19.842 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight17.000 kg37.479 lbs
Wing Span31,70 m104 ft 0 in
Wing Area100,0 m²1076 ft²
Length21,30 m69 ft 11 in
Height8,07 m26 ft 6 in
First Flight07. Jan. 1946
Production Statusout of production
Total Productionca. 3000
Developed fromLisunow / Lisunov Li-2 (Douglas DC-3)
NATO CodeCoach
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