Mil Mi-10

Air-Crane Helicopter

Mil Mi-10 © Olafur Sigurdsson
Photo ©: Olafur Sigurdsson (Photos at
The Mil Mi-10 is a twin-engined heavy transport-helicopter and crane-helicopter developed by the Soviet manufacturer Mil OKB, today MIL Moscow helicopter plant, JSC (Russia).
The Mil Mi-10 is a development of the Mil Mi-6. Two different variants were produced, the Mi-10R with high landing gear and the Mi-10K with low landing gear. The maximum external load is approx. 11 tons (24250 lbs).
Propulsion2 Turboshaft Engines
Engine ModelSoloviev D-25V(W)
Engine Power (each)4045 kW5424 shp
Speed202 km/h109 kts
  125 mph
Service Ceiling3.000 m9.842 ft
Range250 km135 NM
155 mi.
Empty Weight24.680 kg54.410 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight38.000 kg83.776 lbs
Rotor Blades (main/tail)5/4
Main Rotor Diameter35,00 m114 ft 10 in
Tail Rotor Diameter6,30 m20 ft 8 in
Rotor Disc Area962,1 m10356 ft
Length (Fuselage)32,90 m107 ft 11 in
Length41,89 m137 ft 5 in
Height7,80 m25 ft 7 in
First Flight1960
Production Statusout of production
Total Production55
Developed fromMil Mi-6
NATO CodeHarke
Data for (Version)Mil Mi-10K
VariantsMi-10R, Mi-10K